Tuesday, July 14, 2009

A Time for Choosing

Sugestão do Jether

O histórico discurso de Ronald Reagan na convenção republicana de 1964.

Íntegra em texto, áudio e vídeo aqui. Nunca é demais aprender com os mestres...

"You and I are told increasingly we have to choose between a left or right. Well I'd like to suggest there is no such thing as a left or right. There's only an up or down: [up] man's old -- old-aged dream, the ultimate in individual freedom consistent with law and order, or down to the ant heap of totalitarianism. And regardless of their sincerity, their humanitarian motives, those who would trade our freedom for security have embarked on this downward course."

"No government ever voluntarily reduces itself in size. So, governments' programs, once launched, never disappear. Actually, a government bureau is the nearest thing to eternal life we'll ever see on this earth."

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